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Make the print yours!
The KNFB Reader is a mobile app that converts printed text into high quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button.
To purchase KNFB Reader, please visit www.nfb.org/knfbreader.

NFB Literature

Our NFB literature is divided into categories according to subject type.  The categories listed below are arranged alphabetically, except for NFB Publications (at the beginning of the list) and Miscellaneous, Brochures and Forms, and Information Packets (at the end of the list).  So if you are looking for literature about blind parents or parents of blind children, go to Parents.  To read about cane travel, go to Rehabilitation/Training, and so on.

Ordering Information

Most of our literature may be ordered through our Independence Market.  Literature is available in a variety of formats and is often available free of charge.

Helpful Hint: You will probably notice that a significant portion of the literature above has been drawn from our flagship publications–the Braille Monitor, and Future Reflections.  If you are interested in receiving one of these publications on a regular basis, please follow the links for their respective subscription information.

If you should have any questions about ordering our literature, please feel free to contact the Independence Market via e-mail at IndependenceMarket@nfb.org or by phone at 410-659-9314, extension 2216.

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